EMTEST engineering

We have excellent experience and reputation as consultants on projects requiring project&erection management and  commissioning work. The experience of each senior person was gathered during more then 20 years of activities in this area. Our customers are well known companies in the energy sector as well as small sites owned by local investors or municipal companies. We work mostly within the European Union, but cooperate on delivering successful projects globally, in other continents and countries as well. Please find our references.

We provide expertise and deliver excellent results at a cost competitive level.

We provide project & erection management, commissioning works and consultacy in following areas:

  • boilers
  • turbines
  • flue gas cleaning
  • pump stations
  • heat exchanger stations
  • balance of plant

and in following scopes:

  • cost & quality control
  • design supervision
  • erection supervision
  • scheduling
  • machinery
  • electrical equipment
  • measuring equipment
  • control systems
  • logics
  • maintenance
  • training


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